Let your Virtual Assistant chat with your visitors

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that chats with your website users. A virtual assistant capables of answering questions on a number of topics and guiding the users to searches or solutions.
It is 24/7 online to resolve any requests and so never leave alone all the potential customers who visit your virtual space.

Why use a chatbot?

Save time and human resources, always provide positive user experience and increase productivity.
You can use the chatbot for countless purposes: advertising, assistance, sales, education, customer service, technical information and more.

Each TocToc chatbot is multilingual
He speaks in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and responds to the user according to the language of daily use on his browser.

How can you use your chatbot?

Innovation lies in the fact that you can exploit the artificial intelligence of the new chatbot for all your communications and at any time.

Having a Customer Service always available means that You'll be able to conclude more sales.
After your normal office hours, your robot will continue to answer to customer questions, advising and guiding them for your website.

chatbot what is meaning

Some examples of using chatbot:

Chatbot for SALE

The chatbot guides user through the search for services or products, more informations, details, payment methods or gives support when checking-out the cart, with lots of personal greetings.

chatbot for online sales

Chatbot for MARKETING

Let your virtual assistant engage your website visitors. The chatbot can propose your special offers, illustrate details, photos, and leading users on specific landing page where TOKIbot, or its other "colleague" bot, will attempt to convert the user to a buyer.

chatbot for marketing


The chatbot allows you to automate many customer relation activities you, or your customer service, have done so far: answering frequently asked questions, about products, opening hours, special rates or technical issues.

chatbot for customer service
chatbot benefits for business

ChatBOT is also useful for collecting many valuable informations for your business:

stores all your customers' questions or needs about your products or services. In this way, you'll be able to use the gathered informations to improve your offer and to optimize the level of knowledge of the chatbot.

chatbot how it works

How does it work?

The chatbot accelerates the response process to website visitors through a robotic system that finds and communicates immediate answers.
If the chatbot doesn't recognize a question concludes conversation with an output phrase; with a chat transfer to an operator or in the website mailbox.

chatbot how to activate on website

How to activate it?

To activate a preset chatbot between AUTOMOTIVE CHATBOT and HOTEL CHATBOT, you have to register on our website by clicking on the red button Try Now and follow the steps shown.
To activate a customized chatbot write your message in chat and we’ll contact you soon.

chatbot prices

How much?

The ready to use chatbots have a cost of € 100 per month for the AUTOMOTIVE chatbot and for the HOTEL chatbot. Only MOTY needs € 300 of Una Tantum for the initial configuration.

The custom chatbot, YouboT, has a customized development cost (depending on the customer FAQ) + € 50 per month.

chatbot prices

Which fit for me?

If you have an hotel or automotive website choose one of the two preset chatbot by modifying only the answers.
If you want a customized chatbot, we will set the bot's information architecture according to the logic of Intelligence Artificial and your Core Business.