Kyc - Digital identification

Digitize your signature processes to accelerate your business

The solution to remotely manage signature and contracting processes, without the customer having to move from home.
Through precise codified steps, you can go from engagement of customer who visits your website in search of informations/ products, to the recognition of his identity and acquisition of his electronic signature, to conclude an online contract in real time.


Kyc - Digital identification

Interact in video-chat...

You can make a purchase with the potential customer of a phone sim, insurance, financing, new car or long-term rental car, etc., replicating on the web page the sensorial relationship, typical of a physical store, anywhere your customers are.

Delete the complications of the appointments on the agenda and close contracts easier

Kyc - Digital identification

Video recognition Digital Identity:

  • with operator in synchronous mode (KYC) where the user is supported by an operator along a data acquisition and matching procedure
  • without operator in asynchronous mode (AKYC) where the user performs the procedure independently, self-service at any time, following predefined steps.

Recognize digital identity...

Using your webcam, modules for the recognition of the person and its documents, snapshots and verification steps, through sending and validation of OTP codes (one time password) via SMS and EMAIL .

If contingencies arise, your customers can resume the process by using the code arrived by email

Kyc - Digital identification

  • The advanced electronic signature is achieved by sending one or more OTP codes to the customer, who must insert in predefined fields to confirm his identity.
  • The qualified electronic signature is instead validated by a regulated process of video recognition of the customer's identity in synchronous mode with an operator, and based on a qualified certificate.

  • Get the electronic signature...

    Through the execution of coded modules that attest the Customer's signature on electronic documents with legal value, in order to validate contracts and modules and approve payments online.

    Secure storage for 20 years. No risk of losing critical documents

    Kyc - Digital identification

    Receive the signed contract in real time

    Check the process of the procedure started: when it arrives at the customer, when it signs and if it affixes all the required signatures.
    The system automatically sends the signed documents to the customer by email and saves them on the company platform.

    Finally keep track of important documents at any time and from any device.

    Kyc - Digital identification

    Cert ID, digitize company signature processes
    with legal value

    The solution to have easily and securely documents signed remotely by customers

    Kyc - Digital identification

    TocToc Cert ID is the video conferencing system for the safety identification of the online customer, certified by ArubaPEC, in compliance with the Consumer Code, the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data and the regulations AgID, which accord TocToc digital storage for 20 years of identity and digital signature of the customer.