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Video Chat

Use the videocall to personally offer your help and provide assistance with confidence and substance.
A client may switch on his webcam in order to be visualized or to be able to show a product for which is requesting assistance.

"Face to face" interaction differentiates and makes unique the online relationship B2C. Seeing and listening who sells is an indisputable added value for those who want to increase sales and improve Brand Reputation.

Customizable Video Chat

  • Video quality choice in real time
  • A possibility to deactivate the web-cam option for the further text or audio communication
  • Performance evaluation of your operators through the video registration (an option only with packet ORCHESTRA)
  • An opportunity to initiate video toll call, in order to propose, for instance, a course of lessons online (only for the packet ORCHESTRA)
Live Video chat
chatbot what is meaning

Chatbot answers 24h/ 7days

Artificial intelligence at service of your business with chatbot always responding to chats of your customers, without ever tiring or losing patience. And if it doesn't find the appropriate answer, it apologizes and forwards the chat to an operator or sends it by email to the human control system.

Text Chat

An exchange of fast and direct text messages between users and your operators in real time.

Canned responses to be sent quickly by only one click.

Notification Desktop and sound are informing about new activities on the site.
Your operator can manage VIDEO Live interaction with one client and in the meantime may stay in text chat with others.

Multilingual operator's panel for an interaction with foreign clients.

Chatting on several sites

From a single account you can have multiple chats with visitors of multiple sites, requesting the activation of the personalized function.

Text chat
Chat from your smartphone with your visitors. Download App TocToc

Chat from your smartphone with your visitors. Download App TocToc

Check who's visiting your website, answer chats on the go with the TocToc App

Using the TocToc app requires at least one active TocToc account (FREE or paid).
Compatible with iPhones iOS 9 or higher for Apple devices and Android 5.1.1 or higher for Google Android devices.

KYC - Know Your Customer

The KYC function allows you to identify securely the customers online, through visual recognition of the person and of his identity documents with webcam, useful for any sales activity and contracts at distance.

Electronic signatures (SES, AES, QES)

TocToc CertID allows your customer to sign up with electronic signature contracts and documents remotely, by entering OTP codes received by SMS and email.

Kyc - Digital identification

Customizable Banner

Catchy and personalized images increas the impact of Call to Action. Just a simple click on Banner will make a chat to an operator or will bring You directly on chosen page.
The TocToc's Banner is always visible on the pages because it is able to overcome an ads' blocking programs (AdBlock).

To personalize a Banner use static images (.jpg), dynamics and video (HTML5).

Static customizable banner Dynamic customizable banner

Automations to improve Customer Service

You can create a trigger that makes automatic actions based on defined conditions typical of the scenario "if"/ "then".

The trigger Routing of the automatic answer allows the system to assign incoming chats to the most free operators.

With the trigger Automatic Engagement - Hunting "if" a user visits a page on the site for n. seconds of time "then" the system automatically engages him in live-chat.


Chat Forwarding

For a more powerful assistance and service, forward a chat to an operator or group of expertise that will be able to respond appropriately to requests just arrived.To reach a more powerful assistance and service, ​you can ​forward a chat to an operator or group of expertise that will be able to ​answer ​efficiently (properly) to requests just arrived.

Static customizable banner

Hunting - Active engagement

In order to take an initiative and to contact a visitor of the site directly with effectiveness, TocToc permits to your operator to see the user and start the chat first, replicating the human in-store sales relationship.

Active Hunting modality


TocToc shows in real time the geographic data, the provider used and the company (if available) of the connected visitors.
You can see live how many users are connected on your site, their navigation path, the site of origin, the place of origin, the time spent on the pages, the operating system, browser and the device used.

Information that allows you to obtain relevant notions for the analysis of the data collected and for the creation of targeted digital marketing campaigns aimed at increasing revenues.

Geolocation of online visitors

Canned Responses

Save as many canned answers as many frequently asked questions you may receive in chat without having to rewrite the same answer.

Send your Canned Answers at the speed of a click optimizing the time and the work of the Customer Service

Canned Responses

Lead Generation

TocToc allows you to save qualified contacts manually and automatically, GDPR compliance.
Record the data of your interested users during a chat conversation through the specific function or have them automatically archived by the system from offline contact messages.

Leads Generation
30 days free of the video chat solution

File transfer

On the control panel TocToc You can upload files, links, manuals of instructions, technical info of products, price lists, technical sheets. All that might be sent to clients by operators by chat/video-chat.

File transfer during livechat in real time


When your operators are offline, the user can enter his request in the contact form which is automatically scheduled within a task manager shared between the administrator and the operators.

It is aslo possible to plan some special requests, such as to book some service, a treatment, an appointment, a desk or to decide when to be contacted by the Company.

Task manager calendar

Customizable chat window

In TocToc chat window You can personalize colors, texts and on screen position coordinated with the colors of Your site and Your company's goals.

Characterizable Chat Window

Google Analytics integration

Monitor TocToc events in your Google Analytics to check the impact of chats on your online conversions and get detailed statistics of all activities on your website, useful for your digital marketing campaigns.

Interaction on several sites

From a single control panel you can manage operators and chats on multiple sites to interact with different customers simultaneously, optimizing your Customer Care (on request).

Internet sites
lost calls icon

Lost chats management

The operator receives lost chats notifications in real time of still online users. This way he's able to contact them back and to fulfill rapidly their requests.

Callback form

When operators are offline/busy TocToc offers to user a special form where he can leave personal data and a message (Task) in order to be contacted as soon as possible (Callback).

Callback form
Management of online and operators activities

Group Management

TocToc permits administrator to manage and to plan operators response activities according to working Groups and issues.

Working groups

To optimize and personalize the response times it is possible to subdivide and organize the operators and the thematic areas of the site in working groups.

A Working group, as well as an operator, can operate on single or multiple pages of the same site. For example, in an e-commerce site it is possible to create a work group to provide technical assistance, one for commercial assistance, another for post-sales assistance and so on.

Working groups
report and statistics panel

Panels and reporting

Administrator and operators use TocToc through an intuitive control panel that allows to manage and monitor actions, data and information collected from users connected on the website.

Reports and Statistics show the number of visits on the site, also divided by time, the chats managed, the clicks on the chat-banner, the chats proactively started (Hunting) by the operators and the contents of the conversations carried out.

30 days free of the video chat solution, 3 simple steps to activate it, no credit card requested

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