TocToc is a Web Customer Engagement, Identification & Sale platform

  • Engage your website visitors in real time
  • Satisfy requests with video-live-chat
  • Help users with an active chatbot h24
  • Identify customer and his documents remotely
  • Get contracts signed remotely
cross device instrument

TocToc is a Cross Device
and it is adaptable to main Browsers.
There is no need to install it and it can be easily integrated into Your site within 3 simple steps

The instruments for direct and stimulant interaction

text chat


Exchange in real time of direct and simple text messages

video call


Face to face interaction in order to reassure the user by Human to Human interaction, which builds trustful relations with the Company, it's an added value



Online visitor can choose to communicate by using audio only

Callback function


If your operators are offline/busy the user can fill out a form to be called back

30 days free of the video chat solution

Personalized contact Banner

Increase the effectiveness of the Call to Action by uploading your personalized images on the contact banner that activates a chat with a click or directs the user to a favorite page

customizable contact banner

Observe the visitor Interact Sell

Personal Shopper on your website

Active listening, emotional participation, persuasion

Help customers in time of need

TocToc allows you to reproduce the traditional sales process on your website

Your operator can interact in video-chat with the customer in real time to propose a personalized offer and avoid abandonment of the cart

Insert Your sites' URL to see the preview of TocToc chat

Reduces costs and speeds up answers

Make your customer care available in real time to speed up troubleshooting and converting conversations into customers

  • Your operator chatting simultaneously with multiple customers in order to conclude more sales at the same time.
  • Thanks to TocToc you interact directly with those interested in your services/ products.
TocToc reduces costs and provides faster answers

Personalized sales

The Video Chat allows you to immediately get the pulse of communication and identify the customer to finalize a sale.

The best way to satisfy and gain clients' loyalty in real time

Fast online sale

Improve the Customer Experience

Human to Human interaction assure an increase in sales, returning of customers and better Placement on Google's Search Engine Reults, which is fundamental for Digital Marketing Campaigns

excellent customer experience
30 days free of the video chat solution, 3 simple steps to activate it, no credit card requested

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