Terms & Conditions


The following website www.toctoc.me and any equivalent domains (or mirror), hereinafter mentioned as "Site", is managed, updated and provided by TocToc SRL, with registered office in Rome, via Alessio Baldovinetti, 83. VAT number 12925931003.

Hereinafter, the terms "Supplier" and/or "Manager" will be used instead of TocToc SRL, the term "Customer" will be used to indicate the company that purchased the TOCTOC service provided by TocToc SRL and the term "Company" To indicate the subject of the TocToc service.

All the interaction types provided by the TocToc solution are ment to be chosen by businesses in order to provide on-line real-time support to their visitors. Users can leave messages that the company will respond to with different methods and tools, in order to provide a required real-time support with instantaneous informations.

This service is provided by the Supplier to Customer with a monthly fee.

The interaction content between Company and User, messages and graphics of the company produces using the solution are private issues of the company that TocToc is not responsible for. This software is registered and copyright-protected by TocToc SRL and has been designed to perform with the certain specifications detailed in the Economic Proposal, under the full and exclusive responsibility of the customer. The software contained on this site allows you to interact via the web through the interaction types provided under the terms and conditions of this Regulation, its use is a subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions set out here below.


The Customer will be able to access the www.toctoc.me site and, once registrated and accepted the general terms and conditions of use, will be able to try the software itself directly on his site, for a period of 30 days free trial, from the date of registration.

At the end of tre trial period, Customer may decline his subscription or purchase the product, by selecting specific period, under the mentioned terms and conditions.

Within the control panel that will be provided, a customer can renew the service for a desired period or upgrade it, payments may be done by credit card or through PAYPAL.


All content and TocToc software inCloud, available for viewing, are a property and protected by copyright, are granted in use and are not for sale. TocToc.me software is provided by TocToc SRL under the terms and conditions of this Regulation.

This software is provided remotely with access through the assignment of a password and login to Customers, who have explicitly accepted these general terms of use.

This software is only allowed to operate on servers owned by TocToc SRL and managed by TocToc SRL, which contain the customer area and provided with the technical performance requirements in order to be able to store information, are continuously connected to the Internet, and thereby The software and needed information is available to Customers 24/7. Copying or playing software on other servers or other peripherals for further reproduction or redistribution is expressly forbidden.

The use of the software means that all of these conditions are fully accepted. Trademarks, logos, graphics, banners, and texts on the Site are the intellectual property of the Supplier and may not be reproduced, used, or represented without the express permission of the Provider. User rights granted by the Supplier to the Customer are strictly limited to access, within the TocToc.me service, and for the duration of admission to the TocToc.me service; Any other use by the Customer is prohibited as long as there is no prior written permission of the Supplier. In particular, Customer may not modify, copy, reproduce, download, transmit, exploit, distribute and / or resell in any way the Services, Website pages or the Computer Code of the elements that make up the Site services.


This Agreement between the Supplier and the Customer shall mean an ability of access / use of the TocToc.me site / service, the information and documentation contained therein, as well as the supplied software, which are referred to as the "service" below.

It is within the faculty of Supplier to modify the terms of use at any time, with immediate effect for all Customers. The Customer is required to check and verify the conditions with any access to the Site and use of the Software, which will however be deemed expressly and automatically accepted, including any changes made by the Supplier.

However, the Supplier is not required to provide updates and / or service improvements; in cases where the supplier, at its own discretion, shall do so, the conditions for use will automatically be applied and authorized for updates / enhancements.


The Supplier reserves the right to terminate this agreement at its incontestable discretion within 7-day advance notice in case the operating conditions of this Regulation have not been fulfilled.

The Supplier, who has an indisputabile right to compensation for the damage, may terminate this contract with immediate effect, without prior notice, in case the Customer has failed to comply with even one of the conditions set out in this regulation, by suspending the service.

The Customer may exercise a right of withdrawal by requesting at any time, by fax or electronic mail, the cancellation of his account and all the data concerning him. The early withdrawal does not include the return of the fee already paid.


TocToc.me services fee can be made by bank transfer to a bank coordinates indicated by TocToc SRL or by Credit Card, following instructions indicated by the online service.

This contract shall begin and the service shall become operational from the moment of accreditation by the Supplier of the payment of the fee due for the chosen period of use of the software.

The Supplier reserves the right to modify the economic conditions by prior notification of 30 days.


The Customer undertakes not to allow access to the service to unauthorized third parties or to relinquish and/or to allow the use of third-party names and passwords as granted above.

The Customer is responsible for the confidentiality of the password and account and must notify the Supplier in case the password is lost, stolen, notified to third parties or otherwise compromised. The Customer agrees to be liable for any work carried out in their account. Unauthorized use of an account or any violation of the Site's security must be immediately notified to the Supplier.

It is forbidden for a Customer to decode or reproduce the software. Any unauthorized reproduction or redistribution of the software, if not specifically provided in these terms, is expressly forbidden.

The use or reproduction of the software in violation of the license agreement and the intellectual property law (as an example and not exhaustive: trademark, patent, copyright) are expressly forbidden.


The Supplier is not responsible and is expressly exonerated, for direct or indirect damages, also to the image of decor and/or customer reputation caused by site’s clients and/or users of the site or by third parties as a consequence of use of the TocToc.me service.

The Supplier is expressly relieved of any liability related to eventual loss or damage of any information and/or personal data that is beyond the necessary and exclusive information needed for registration on the Site and for its operation.

In any case, the Supplier's liability for damage or loss may not exceed the amount paid by a Customer for the purchase of the service.


A Customer and a User must have the skills, equipment and applications required to use the Internet, recognize the fact that the features, limits and constraints of the Internet which are not depending on the Supplier can not always guarantee full functioning of the service. Under these conditions, TocToc SRL does not guarantee that the services will work without interruption or dysfunction. In particular, a use of the service may be temporarily interrupted for reasons of insufficient customer or user bandwidth, maintenance, updating, technical improvement, modification of the content or its presentation mode. As far as possible, the Supplier will inform in advance Customers of maintenance and/or site and service updating. The Supplier may not be held responsible for any malfunctions, inaccessibility of the Site and/or TocToc.me service attributable to inappropriate equipment and/or internal malfunctions of Supplier, traffic of Internet and/or any other cause and/or reason not dependent on the Supplier.

In the case of commercial transactions made through the service (or links linked to it) between the user and third parties (including other users or other service providers or resellers), such transactions shall be considered as stipulated between the user and the third parties (with all rights and obligations derived from this) and shall be released from any liability on the Supplier.

The Website may provide, or third parties may include links to other Web sites or other Internet sources; as the Supplier can not directly control those sites and external sources, it can not be held responsible neither for their availability, content, advertising, related products and services, nor any other item available on those sites or external sources. Any malfunction and/or anomaly related to a connection must be communicated to the site administrator within the next three days from the knowledge of the anomaly.


These Terms of Use are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with Italian law. Any dispute arising out of an interpretation, implementation and application of this Regulation shall be under the responsibility of the Rome Tribunal.


Hereby I declare that I have examined all the clauses of this Regulation and have specifically approved them according to and for the purposes of art. 1341 and Art.1342 of the Civil Code, with particular reference to the follow Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.