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The website www.toctoc.me and any equivalent domains (or mirror), here in after simply referred to as the "Site", is managed, updated and provided by TocToc SRL, with registered office in Rome in via Alessio Baldovinetti, 83 and P. VAT 12925931003.

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1.1. The general conditions set out below govern the contract between the Company TocToc srl (here in after "TocToc") and the Customer recipient of the offer (here in after "The Customer") and have as their object the provision of video live chat services and vertical chatbots, as described in the Offer.
1.2. Any exceptions and / or changes to these General Conditions will be valid only if expressly accepted in writing by TocToc and will have value only for the supplies to which they refer with the consequence that any provision introduced unilaterally by the Customer will be ineffective.
The supply process is started following the Customer's registration in the reserved area of the TocToc site, configuring their account and integrating the TocToc script within their site, in a free trial mode for the live video chat service for duration expressed in the offer on the site and in paying mode according to the type of subscription purchased in the reserved area.
TocToc provides the service within the time frame provided for in the offer displayed on the site. The provision of services is strictly dependent on the correct and complete registration in the reserved area by the Customer and on the inclusion of the TocToc script within their website or web page where they intend to use the service.
3.1. The provision of services is, where foreseen, strictly dependent on the delivery by the Customer to TocToc of the material indicated in the compilation form previously sent by TocToc to the customer, via e-mail (email).
3.2. The Customer assumes full and exclusive responsibility for what he has provided.
3.3. This material must be sent to TocToc within the deadline expressed in the compilation form. Upon receipt of the aforementioned material, TocToc will issue, also by e-mail, a notification of acceptance.
3.4. If the non-delivery exceeds the terms indicated above, TocToc has the right to terminate the contract for non-fulfillment.
3.5. TocToc has the right to ask the Customer for documentation and/ or other material useful for the execution of the Services (previously produced documents, sector terminology and/ or glossaries, reference regulations).
4.1. Requests for assistance may concern the resolution of problems and / or the need to make changes and / or additions to the service rendered.
4.2. Basic assistance guarantees a response to requests for assistance in the manner and within the time frame set forth in the following 10.3.
5.1. During or after the activation of the services, any changes and / or updates of any kind exceeding or not included in the offer for the services or for the assistance modalities of the previous point of these General Conditions, whether they are of a graphic, technical or consultancy (such as, by way of non-exhaustive indication, replacement, insertion, addition, modification of: photographs, images, videos, catalogs, sounds, texts, links, attachments; troubleshooting; etc.), will be quoted by TocToc based on the request.
5.2. It is understood that the aforementioned changes in excess or not included in the offer for services result in a change in the consideration for the processing subject to the change that Toc Toc will quantify.
5.3. In any case, TocToc is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the amount of the changes requested by the Customer exceeds one sixth of the total price originally agreed, or if the changes involve significant changes in the nature of the requested Service.
6.1. The contract has a duration of 24 months, unless otherwise agreed or indicated in writing on the online offer, with tacit renewal of 12 months in 12 months, until otherwise communicated by one of the parties.
6.2. In the event that one party wishes to withdraw by the due date, he must send an explicit written communication by registered letter with return receipt to the other party's address, no later than 30 days from the expiry of the current annuity.
6.3. If the Customer intends to unilaterally withdraw from the contract before the natural expiration, he must send written communication by registered letter with return receipt to the TocToc address with a notice of 60 days and unless otherwise agreed in writing, when it is not a contract with annual or two-year advance payment for which cases nothing will be due to the customer, the same remains in any case required to pay any amounts of which he has been exempted for commercial promotions linked to the minimum duration foreseen for the promotion.
6.4. TocToc has the right to withdraw from the contract respecting the same time frame indicated in the previous point.
6.5. The provisions of the articles "Copyright and ownership" and "License terms" of this contract will remain valid even after any expiration, termination, withdrawal.
7.1. The contract is terminated by law, pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code, as well as in the cases expressly provided for in this contract and in the cases provided for by law, also in the following cases:
a) if the Customer transfers all or part of the products or services to third parties, without the prior written consent of TocToc;
b) if the Customer fails to pay the amount requested;
c) in the event of any change in the Client's economic conditions that compromises his ability to meet his obligations;
d) if the Client is placed, for example, in liquidation, is subject to bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings or is in any case in a state of insolvency.
7.2. In the cases outlined above, TocToc may terminate the relationship with the Customer without the obligation of any prior notice.
7.3. It is understood that TocToc also reserves the right to take legal action should one of the above points cause damage.
8.1. TocToc issues an invoice and debits the fees in the manner indicated in the Economic Offer.
8.2. In case of delayed payment, the Customer will be required to pay TocToc the conventional interest at a rate equal to the bank prime rate plus one point, starting from the expiry date of the payment terms and up to the actual balance of the consideration.
8.3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, failure to pay, even partial, for the Services, within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the established deadline, gives TocToc the right to immediately terminate the contract.
The Client:
9.1 undertakes to scrupulously observe the supply methods indicated and correctly fill in the required forms; nothing will be claimed during testing if any shortcomings are attributable to non-compliance with the methods of sending the data or to the incomplete or incorrect compilation of the forms; any changes requested outside the specifications provided and not contained in the completed forms, may be carried out upon payment of an additional fee;
9.2 undertakes to use the services provided in the manner and within the limits indicated in the offer;
9.3 undertakes to promptly communicate any changes to the personal data disclosed when signing up for the service;
9.4 assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and veracity of the data provided to TocToc and ensures that all the content provided (or that it should insert independently), such as texts, graphics, images, videos, sounds, are in its legitimate availability and not contain:
a) pornographic, obscene, erotic or in favor of pedophilia
b) material offensive or with purposes contrary to morality, morality and religion
c) material with purposes contrary to public order
d) material infringing the rights of third parties
e) copyrighted material (eg books and / or publications or parts of them or anything else)
f) material held illegally (eg pirated software, unauthorized copies, etc.)
g) materials or applications that use an excessive amount of CPU resources and / or cause malfunctions to the TocToc servers
h) information or databases in contrast with current legislation with the express exemption of TocToc from any responsibility and burden of verification and / or control in this regard;
9.5 will indemnify TocToc for any claim and / or compensation claimed by third parties as a result of the publication of the aforementioned materials;
9.6 assumes full responsibility for all tax charges, of any nature, associated with any product sold or published by the same through or on the network;
9.7 assumes full responsibility for the inability to use or for the failure or malfunction of public and / or private telephone lines, connections and equipment and for any damage caused by this;
9.8 guarantees under its own responsibility that it is aware of and complies with all those regulations which, even if not written, govern the behavior of Internet users ("Netiquette").
TocToc undertakes:
10.1 to process the Customer's personal data in compliance with EU Reg. 2016/679 (European Regulation for the protection of personal data); therefore the data relating to the Customer will be entered in the TocToc archives and kept confidential to third parties and will be used exclusively for the full execution of the contract and for the obligations required by law or required by the competent Authorities;
10.2 to provide adequate documentation for the use of services that involve the use of software;
10.3 to respect the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) of supply and assistance which when not otherwise agreed are:
• Working hours Mon / Fri 09:00 / 18:00 excluding holidays,
• Taking charge of the problem (time between the registration of the ticket and the start of its processing) based on the severity:
CRITICAL: problem that prevents the operation of the service resulting in missing revenues or negative impacts on the image, 1 hour in the indicated working hours;
HIGH: the service is not available in some sections or contents, 2 hours in the indicated working hours;
NORMAL: malfunction that prevents a non-critical functionality from being completed within 1 working day;
LOW: malfunction with minimal impact, system functioning reasonably, within 1 business day.
10.4 to maintain the efficiency of the service offered; in the event that it is forced to interrupt the service due to exceptional events or maintenance, TocToc will take care to restore the services in the shortest possible time to minimize the risk of inconvenience of any kind; in no case will TocToc be held responsible for the malfunctioning of the services caused by telephone lines, electricity and global and national networks, as well as for causes outside the sphere of its foreseeable control.
11.1. Based on the provisions of Law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments and additions, the use by the Customer of the services purchased does not imply ownership of the same for the Customer, but rather the assignment of the right of use in accordance with the terms indicated. in the following article "License Terms" of these General Contractual Conditions.
11.2. The software and accompanying documentation are the exclusive property of TocToc and are protected internationally by copyright and / or other intellectual property rights.
11.3. In no case is the Customer authorized to distribute or to any form of commercial exploitation of the materials produced by TocToc and provided to the Customer in the execution of the Services, nor to the creation of derivative works thereof.
Through this contract TocToc assigns the Customer a non-exclusive right to use the software provided.
12.1. The Customer is authorized to:
a) use the software until the deadline expires;
b) allow the use of the software to third parties within the limits of what is allowed by normal web browsing (without therefore giving access to source files, or other).
12.2. The Customer is not authorized to:
a) use the software for the direct provision of paid services to third parties, unless expressly provided for in the Economic Offer Form;
b) modify the software in any part, none excluded;
c) access the software sources for any purpose (including that of appropriating them, copying them, reusing them, etc.);
d) transmit or provide access to software sources to third parties;
e) sub-license, rent, sell, lease, distribute or otherwise transfer the software or part of it, even if for no consideration.
13.1. The Customer retains full ownership of the published data, assuming all responsibility for their content, with the express exemption of TocToc from any responsibility and burden of verification and / or control in this regard. TocToc, therefore, declines all responsibility for the published data (with "data" we mean, by way of non-exhaustive example: photographs, logos, trademarks, images, texts, videos, audio files, documents, graphics, diagrams, projects, etc. .), are also sensitive or personal.
13.2. TocToc therefore, while making every effort to ensure this does not happen, cannot be held responsible in any case for the use of data, delivered and / or requested by the Customer, which were, without TocToc's knowledge, covered by copyright.
13.3. The Customer uses the services at his own risk, TocToc is not liable to any party for legal / civil or administrative disputes, indirect, specific, incidental, punitive, cautionary or consequential damages (by way of example but not exclusive: damages in case of impossibility of use or access to services, loss or corruption of data, profits, customers, damage to image, business interruptions or the like), caused by the use or inability to use the services and based on any hypothesis of liability including breach of contract, negligence, or otherwise, even if TocToc has been advised of the possibility of such damages and in the event that a clause provided for in this contract has not remedied.
13.4. TocToc cannot be held responsible for brief malfunctions of the services, caused by technical problems on machinery, servers, routers, telephone lines, telematic networks, etc. owned by you or by companies selected to offer the services.
13.5. Malfunctions of services, data loss, accidental disclosure of personal or sensitive data, and any other type of damage occurring as a result of attacks by cyber pirates, thieves, hackers, crackers, viruses, etc. are not attributable to TocToc.
13.6. TocToc assumes no responsibility if the fulfillment of the service supply contract is delayed, rendered impossible or excessively burdensome due to unforeseeable events not attributable to it (such as by way of example and not limited to: disservices, interruptions of services and / or damages attributable to force majeure, accidents, fires, explosions, strikes, lockouts, earthquakes, disasters, floods, riots, and other events that are difficult or impossible to foresee) which prevented, in whole or in part, from fulfilling the times or methods agreed to the terms of the contract. If, for reasons not attributable to Toc Toc or the Customer, the realization of the Services and / or the delivery to the Customer of the related materials and / or the execution of any other obligation remains suspended for a period exceeding three (3) months consecutive, each party will have the right to terminate the contract without any liability whatsoever towards the other party 13.7. TocToc is not responsible for the malfunctioning of the services due to non-compliance and / or obsolescence of the devices with which the Customer or third parties are equipped.
13.8. TocToc cannot guarantee the Client secure income deriving from the exploitation of the services.
13.9. In the event that the Customer makes changes of any kind to the services offered (by way of non-exhaustive indication: changes to the code, to the arrangement of directories and / or files, to file names, etc.), TocToc cannot be held responsible for any damage caused or malfunctions. If the Customer requests assistance to resolve damages caused by him or by third parties, the rates in use by TocToc in the current period will be applied. 13.10. If a limitation, exclusion, restriction or other provision contained in this contract is judged void for any reason by a competent court and TocToc consequently becomes liable for loss or damage, such liability, in contractual, civil or other, not may exceed the list price applied by TocToc for the type of service sold.
14.1. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and execution of this Agreement will be referred, with a specific appeal, to an arbitration board to be referred within the peremptory term of ten (10) days from the moment in which the disputed provision was brought to the attention of the party. The city seat of the Arbitration Board is Rome.
14.2. The appeal must be filed within the above term, under penalty of forfeiture, at the headquarters of TocToc.
14.3. The Arbitration Board - which will decide which friendly composer, without procedural formalities and in the shortest possible time - will be composed of three members: the first designated by the Client (depending on whether one or the other promoted the intervention of the Board); the second designated by TocToc and the third, acting as President, will be appointed by the designated arbitrators.
14.4. In the event of disputes arising from these General Conditions and from the service supply contracts between TocToc and the Customer, the parties undertake to make a prior attempt at conciliation in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 4.3.2010 n.28.
14.5. If the conciliation attempt is not successful, the competence to decide any disputes between the parties will belong exclusively to the Court of Rome.
15.1. The service supply contracts between TocToc and the Customer are understood to be stipulated between autonomous and independent parties.
16.1. The parties mutually undertake to keep strictly confidential, and to use exclusively for the purpose of executing the contract all information and documentation exchanged between them in relation to the service or in any case to their activity (whether such information of a technical, technological, productive nature, commercial, corporate, administrative, financial or business in general).
16.2. An exception to the obligation of confidentiality is that information that is in the public domain at the time it is communicated, or that subsequently becomes so due to a fact not attributable to the party that received it, as well as information whose disclosure is necessary by law or is required. by judicial or other public authorities.
16.3. TocToc ensures that the staff used for the provision of the services is subject to the aforementioned obligation of confidentiality.
17.1. The personal data requested and collected during communications between the parties, in compliance with the provisions of EU Reg. 2016/679 (European Regulation for the protection of personal data):
a) are collected and processed electronically and / or mechanically for the purpose of: 1. activate and maintain the procedures for the execution of the requested services for the customer;
2. maintain a private customer database;
3. maintain a public work archive (which can show: software screenshots, URL, Client's company name);
b) they are obligatory in order to best provide the requested services;
c) if not provided, they will not allow the performance of the requested services; d) will be handled by TocToc appointees for the performance of the requested services and as indicated in letter a);
e) may be communicated to third parties delegated to carry out the activities necessary for the execution of the stipulated contract, and if the consent is explicitly expressed, for promotional communications and market analysis by TocToc and / or for commercial information purposes , market research, direct offers of products by TocToc, as well as by partners and / or third parties.
17.2. It is specified that the Data Controller for the processing of personal data is TocToc S.r.l. Via Alessio Baldovinetti 81/83 00142 Rome. The Customer enjoys all rights under the Laws, the Legislative Decree cited, and the Law in force in Italy at the time of signature.
For completeness, please refer to the full version of the information published on www.toctoc.me.
18.1. TocToc solutions represent the main tool for interaction through the WEB, by way of example but not limited to, in the negotiation phase of formulating the commercial proposal, as well as in the subsequent and possible after-sales assistance phase.
18.2. The users (end customers) of the TocToc Customer can then insert messages to which the Customer can respond in time.
18.3. TocToc will in no way be responsible for the content of the interaction between Customer and user as well as for the messages and graphics that the Customer will configure on the TocToc solution.
18.4. The Customer acknowledges and accepts the existence of Log files and the use of cookies, related to the use of the services, generated and / or stored by TocToc for the correct management of sessions, for performance monitoring, for the use of the functions, for safety, in compliance with all applicable laws or regulations, for the maximum period of time allowed by current legislation. The content of the Log is confidential and may be exhibited by TocToc only at the request of the competent authorities and in compliance with current legislation. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that TocToc will have the right to store the material and disclose it to third parties where this is required by law or by the Authority or is necessary for:
i) comply with legal procedures;
ii) to execute the General Conditions;
iii) respond to claims that the Material violates the rights of third parties;
iv) protect the rights, property or security requirements of TocToc and its Customers.
It will be the Customer's responsibility to inform its users and insert TocToc as a third party partner in its cookie policy 18.5. The software object of the Offer is registered and protected by copyright owned by TocToc Srl and / or by other intellectual property rights, and has been designed to work, according to the minimum technical specifications indicated in the Technical Commercial Annex, under the full and sole responsibility of the Customer. The TocToc services allow you to interact via the web through the interaction methods provided, under the terms and conditions set out in this regulation.
18.6. The TocToc services made available to the Customer - who is configured as the "Data Controller" - by their very nature, facilitating the effective interaction between the Customer and its users, allow the possibility of collecting and processing personal data of users (for eg name, surname, place and date of birth, identity document, telephone, email, tax code, residence) 18.7. To do this, TocToc undertakes to set up an automatic disclosure of the information to the customer and will allow to acquire and store the user's consent. It is understood that the information must be provided at a time prior to the registration of the requested data.
18.8. TocToc manages a data protection system in accordance with the ISO IEC 27001: 2013 standard, therefore the data subject of the service is processed through processes and systems where a logical and physical countermeasure is applied for the prevention of events that may compromise confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
18.9. With the signing of this Agreement, pursuant to art. 28 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter, for convenience of the Privacy Regulation), the Customer, having deemed the Supplier a suitable and reliable subject, appoints the same Manager / Sub-responsible for the processing of Personal Data. The Supplier accepts this appointment at the same time as his subscription, confirming the direct and in-depth knowledge of the obligations assumed with it and guaranteeing that it possesses the skills, experience and skills, including technical ones, to cover this role. The data processed by the Supplier are exclusively personal data, and contact data, those contained in the CRM that do not include sensitive data. The categories of interested parties involved can be: customers and users, leads or prospects of customers and which may involve one or more of the following processing operations: collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, comparison, limitation, cancellation or destruction. In particular, the Supplier undertakes to process Personal Data in compliance with the following instructions and provisions:
- not to sell them or make them available to third parties, partially or totally, temporarily or permanently;
- treat them adequately, relevantly and in compliance with the principle of data minimization, as well as in a lawful, correct and transparent manner, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on the processing of personal data; - ensure its confidentiality, integrity and availability, including the safety profile as governed by art. 32 of the Privacy Regulation, excluding the responsibility of the Supplier for the content of the Databases and Personal Data and the use of the same by the Customer;
- ensure adequate protection of the rights of the interested party, supporting the Customer in order to fulfill their obligation to follow up on the requests of the interested parties for the exercise of their rights;
- make use of its organizational structure, identifying and designating the persons authorized to carry out processing operations of the Customer's Personal Data and Databases, identifying at the same time the authorization scope, providing the necessary instructions on the processing methods and providing for the related training;
- ensure that the authorized persons have been informed in advance of the confidential nature of the Personal Data and the Database and, consequently, have signed specific confidentiality agreements;
- in accordance with the provisions of the provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data of 27 November 2008;
- by virtue of the general authorization granted by the Customer with this Agreement, make use of its own sub-processors appointed in writing, imposing on them, by means of a contract or other legal act, the same obligations regarding data protection contained in this Agreement, providing in particular sufficient guarantees for the implementation of adequate technical and organizational measures to meet the requirements of the Privacy Regulation;
- not to carry out any transfer of Personal Data and Databases to Countries that do not guarantee an adequate level of protection in the absence of written authorization from the Customer while it is authorized to transfer data outside the EU where countries guarantee an adequate level of security by virtue of general authorization with this document granted;
- guarantee a level of security adequate to the risk, adopting adequate technical and organizational security measures in line with the provisions of the Privacy Regulation;
- establish and maintain the register of processing activities pursuant to art. 30 of the Privacy Regulation;
- for the aspects within its competence, provide technical support to the Customer with respect to the obligations relating to: (i) security of processing, (ii) notification of a violation of personal data to the supervisory authority pursuant to art. 33 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (iii) communication of a personal data breach to the interested party pursuant to art. 34 of the Privacy Regulation, (iv) impact assessment on data protection pursuant to art. 35 of the Privacy Regulation, (v) prior consultation pursuant to art. 36 of the Privacy Regulation;
- in case of accidental or unlawful violation of the Customer's Databases, which involves the destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access to Personal Data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed, proceed to: (i) inform the Customer, without undue delay, and in any case within 48 (forty-eight) hours from knowledge, by e-mail to the Customer's e-mail address identified in the appropriate personal data section of the Console filled in by the Customer; (ii) provide the Customer with appropriate information about the nature of the violation, the categories and approximate number of data and data subjects involved, as well as the probable consequences of the violation and the measures taken or proposed to be adopted to remedy the violation or mitigate its harmful effects; (iii) if it is not possible to provide the aforementioned specific information within the deadline, indicate the reasons for the delay to the Customer, however providing initial information referring to the violation found and useful to the Customer for the purposes of the related notification. - if it should detect that an instruction given by the Customer violates the applicable legal provisions, promptly inform the Customer;
- adopt measures to prevent unauthorized physical access, damage and interference to the Personal Data processed in the performance of their duties, as well as an adequate and safe operation of the data processing structures, through the adoption of physical and environmental security measures as well as to suitable tools for protection against malware and data loss;
- adopt procedures to test, verify and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures in order to ensure the safety of processing.
18.10. The designation as manager of the Supplier has a duration equal to the duration of this Contract and will be considered revoked upon termination of the Contract itself, for any reason this occurs and the Customer's Personal Data, as well as any copies of the same possibly held by the Supplier, will be definitively eliminated from its information system.
18.11. The Customer undertakes and undertakes not to allow access to the service to unauthorized third parties or to transfer and / or allow the use by third parties of the username and password as granted above.
18.12. The Customer is responsible for the confidentiality of the password and account and must notify Toc Toc if the password is lost, stolen, disclosed to third parties, published or otherwise compromised in any other way.
18.13. The Customer agrees to be responsible for any activity that is carried out in their account.
18.14. Unauthorized use of the account or any breach of the Site's security must be reported immediately to TocToc Srl Via Alessio Baldovinetti, 83 00142 Rome (RM) VAT number: 12925931003 - TEL. 06 5030962 - MAIL info@toctoc.me.
18.15. TocToc provides the Customer with a simple "online platform" and does not contribute in any way to determining the content of the information provided to the user or the use that is made of the TocToc solution in any case. Consequently, the Customer will be solely liable for any violations committed using the Service (by way of example and not limited to, violations of the internal and Euro-unitary legislation on e-commerce and consumer protection).
18.16. In the event that he becomes aware of the registration of 3 (three) civil judgments against the Customer and / or of the losing of this in 1 (one) of the aforementioned judgments and / or of the receipt by the same of 1 (one) provision of the Competition and Market Authority that ascertain a violation of the Consumer Code, TocToc will have the right to terminate the Contract, without prejudice to the right to compensation for the damage suffered.
18.17. To this end, TocToc will send the communication referred to in art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving the communication with which the Customer informs him of the occurrence of one or more of the aforementioned events or, in the absence of such communication, from the day on which he became aware of the incident.
18.18. TocToc makes available to individual users of the Customer and / or related trade associations a specific e-mail address info@toctoc.me to attach the documentation certifying the pending of any civil judgments and / or administrative proceedings in which an offense is contested consumerist committed by the Customer through improper use of the TocToc Video Live Chat solution.
19.1. The Customer renounces to propose exceptions without having previously fulfilled his obligations.
19.2. The Customer authorizes TocToc to mention their company name and /or its brand, exclusively for the purpose of disclosing the list of its customers' names to third parties.
19.3. The Customer declares to be aware of and accept the fact that TocToc may modify these General Conditions or other documentation forming part of the Contract at any time. These changes will be communicated to the Customer by e-mail or certified e-mail or publication on the Web Platform and will be effective after 30 (thirty) days from their communication or publication. If the Customer does not intend to accept the aforementioned changes, he will have the right to withdraw from the Contract within the term of effectiveness of the same by means of a communication to be made to TocToc in the manner indicated in the previous art. 7.
19.4. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that Toc Toc makes use of external collaborations to carry out all or part of the services that are the subject of the Services. In this regard, Toc Toc guarantees the adequate professional preparation of subjects, including external ones, to whom it could entrust the required services and ensures their control at all stages of the Service implementation process.
19.5. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that this Agreement and the rights and obligations set forth therein are not transferable to third parties. This is except of the transfer of the Agreement by TocToc to other companies controlled by it, associated, investee or parent company.
20.1. . For a better management of the relationship, promptly, following the conclusion of each contract, each of the parties will appoint their own manager for the management of the contract, communicating the name to the other party so that communications relating to the execution of the contract may be exchanged through the appointed managers.
20.2. The Contract must be regulated, interpreted and applied in accordance with Italian law. Although not expressly regulated in this Agreement, reference is made to the general rules of the Civil Code, as well as to the applicable legislation on the matter.
20.3. Should any clause of these General Conditions be deemed invalid or ineffective, such invalidity or ineffectiveness will not compromise the validity of the remaining clauses which will continue to have full effect between the Parties.
20.4. The contract and the attached both Economic Offer and Technical Commercial Annex (as integral parts of the general conditions) constitute the sole and entire agreement between the Parties and replace any previous agreement and/or understanding possibly existing between the Parties.
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